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Female entrepreneurship

We strongly believe in female entrepreneurship and the driving force that keeps us excited and gives us the motivation to do anything we set our minds too as a female entrepreneur. The business women who start businesses are usually ones that help make the world a better place and we want to contribute to this and aim for more females taking over and being leading entrepreneurs world wide.


Premium quality

Our clothes are based on a circular thinking and sustainability. The collections we create always have high quality material so it can be used for training, in the office and in more festive contexts. With our premium quality the clothing will last longer and therefore reduces the impact on the environment


Our clothes are made from recycled materials. In the beginning, we have not succeeded in making clothes that 100% consist of recycled material for all parts. The ambition is, however, that within a reasonable future, all fabric will consist of recycled material. We manufacture our clothes in places where we can check that the working conditions are decent. The ambition is to ship our clothes in the most environmentally efficient way we can find, both from the manufacturer and then home to you.

We work actively to streamline transport, including returns. Our opinion is that clothes in high quality, with a good fit and with good dimensions when purchased reduce the amount of returns significantly.

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